Participate in a 3-day audition-workshop?

27/02/2009 17:34

Muziektheater Transparant, Lantaren/Venster & Operadagen Rotterdam announce:


project within the framework of Institute for Living Voice

Century Songs will be created by a new vocal ensemble (6-8 voices) during several ILV-sessions. The goal: to create an evening-long performance piece that highlights unexpected dimensions and emotions in human singing, which will be presented at the Operadagen Rotterdam 2010. Led by Joachim Brackx (composer), David Moss (voice work) and Wouter Van Looy (staging).


You want to participate in this year-length project?


Audition-workshop in Lantaren/Venster, Rotterdam

Date: choice between 23-25 May or 26-28 May 2009

Teachers: David Moss, Joachim Brackx, Wouter Van Looy

Public performance: 25 May and 28 May 2009 in Lantaren/Venster

Each 3-day workshop is free of charge; travel and lodging are the applicantís responsibility.


6-8 applicants will be selected from these audition-workshops to participate in Century Songs. This project will have rehearsals during the coming ILV-sessions (Gent, Antwerp, Rotterdam), finishing with a public performance in May 2010 during the Operadagen Rotterdam.


To apply, complete the registration form before april the 30st. More information and rehearsal calendar of Century Songs here.