Singing in the 21st Century: a symposium discussion

Singing in the 21st Century:  A symposium discussion
Voices fly through the air, Internet, mobile phones, blogs, movies, radio, the stage and, last but not least, the opera house.  What does it mean to sing on the opera stage in this age of ever- accelerating media revolutions?  Can the human voice still find its power there?  How do opera houses feel about singers?  What do contemporary composers and singers want to tell us via this 300-year-old medium?  
In the house of the Colon Opera, in a city of rich musical traditions, and at a time when cities around the world are debating "high culture", the 10th session of the Institute for Living Voice presents a symposium on an important and timely theme. Puzzling out the future together will be opera singers, new-music vocalists, opera directors, and festival organizers [participant list subject to calendar/scheduling].  
Join Joan La Barbara, Morton Subotnick, Martin Bauer, Lia Ferenese, David Moss, Wouter van Looy and surprise guests (to be announced) for a lively and vocal discussion.



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