Image Reflection Shadow

Omar Ebrahim

Just as there is an inherent narrative within the visual perception of an image, its reflection and shadow, so too there is a narrative contained within a sound, its echo and decay. Can we - through the awareness of pulse and pitch within ourselves and a group release a story that is expressive of the meaning that attaches itself to our vocalizations? Through exercises to connect ourselves to the space within our bodies, to its surface and the air around our forms, can we tune in and develop our own form of narrative that is unique to this particular meeting?

concert  30.03.07  20:30

public interview  31.03.07  18:00


29.03.0714:3017:00Image Reflection ShadowOmar Ebrahim
30.03.0714:3017:00Image Reflection ShadowOmar Ebrahim
31.03.0714:3017:00Image Reflection ShadowOmar Ebrahim

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