Morton Subotnick

The workshop will feature the use of computer software and a few simple, but effective and inexpensive devices for use in vocal real-time modification. We will look at strategies for why and how to organize the devices for both aesthetic and performance use. A compositional template will be used by participants to create their own performance piece by the end of the workshop.

During his concert, Morton Subotnick will perform two pieces: Lullaby voice and computer with Joan La Barbara, voice and Morton Subotnick, computer, and Until Spring Revisited solo laptop performed by Morton Subotnick.

concert  24.03.07  20:30

public interview  25.03.07  19:00


25.03.0710:3013:00WorkshopMorton Subotnick
26.03.0710:3013:00WorkshopMorton Subotnick
27.03.0710:3013:00WorkshopMorton Subotnick

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