Lia Ferenese

Our goal is to work with poetic material, to experiment with it, to crack it open and denude it, to look for the pure sound in it, the breathing, the threshold where poetic sound material begins to call for the emergence of singing, not as a break but rather as a need to move on into another place. Through a series of respiration, self-connection and chakra balancing exercises, we will gather energy for our tasks.

Percussionist Hans-Peter Achberger, soloist in the Zurich Opera Orchestra, will be Fereneses companion on this journey. He has experimented on improvisation and generated different experiences of sound installations, and he is also an Aikido teacher. Supported by the dialogue with the percussion – as a stimulus generator and perception enhancer – we will relax with gestural and sonorous movement; word exploration will be a further step in the process of filling the space.

We invite to this experiment singers who can shake off the “high-notes karma”, actors that enjoy dwelling in the silence, and dancers wishing to expand their body gestures into sound.

maximum 12 attendants 

concert  03.04.07  20:30

public interview  31.03.07  18:00


01.04.0714:3017:00WorkshopLia Ferenese
02.04.0714:3017:00WorkshopLia Ferenese
03.04.0714:3017:00WorkshopLia Ferenese

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