Overtone Singing

Tran Quang Hai

Khoomei or throat singing is the name used in Tuva and Mongolia to describe a large family of singing styles and techniques in which a single vocalist simultaneously produces two (or more) distinct tones. The lower one is the usual fundamental tone of the voice and sounds as a sustained drone or a Scottish bagpipe sound. The second corresponds to one of the harmonic partials and is like a resonating whistle in a high, or very high register. During the workshop, Tran Quang Hai will teach the 2 basic techniques of overtone singing: 1. Technique of one mouth cavity with lower series of overtones; 2. Technique of two mouth cavities with higher series of overtones.
As a virtuoso musician and singer Tran Quang Hai will present different techniques of overtone singing in his concert, play various types of Asian bamboo and metal Jew's harps, and show his art of spoon playing.


concert  27.03.07  20:30


27.03.0714:3017:00Overtone Singing Tran Quang Hai
28.03.0714:3017:00Overtone Singing Tran Quang Hai

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