Paul Dutton

Participants in these introductory soundsinging sessions will explore the outer limits of nonverbal vocal expression, revelling in the physical and spiritual pleasures of sounds beyond conventional confines. The emphasis is on texture, coloration, and invention. No prior training in voice, singing, or music is required. No external standard is to be met; just the individualís normal voice and sounding abilities taken on their own merits, explored and expanded in unconventional directions, with radical techniques to be learned, applied creatively, and used as a basis for further development.

Duttonís concert will be an exercise in vocal virtuosity, laced with richly textured multi-phonics, testing the extremes of voice and verbalization, and blurring the border between literature and music.

concert  30.03.07  20:30

public interview  31.03.07  18:00


01.04.0710:3013:00SoundsingingPaul Dutton
02.04.0710:3013:00SoundsingingPaul Dutton
03.04.0710:3013:00SoundsingingPaul Dutton

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