ILV Buenos Aires - Spring 07

ILV Buenos Aires - Spring 07

24 March - 3 April 2007

The Institute for Living Voice is an international centre for singing, specializing in workshops and concerts in all vocal genres. This varied and inclusive focus makes the ILV unique.

It’s an exploratory, not a conservatory, open to anyone interested in the human voice. Each session explores and mixes the wide spectrum of vocal possibilities, singing styles and techniques.     

The ILV offers an active singing experience--promoting direct contact between teachers and students and daily vocalizing for everyone--through 5-10 intensive workshops, each with only 7-20 members. The ILV thrives on the genre-erasing potential offered by this intensive workshop system.

Uniquely nomadic, each ILV session is a partnership with a city and its cultural scene, and with an arts centre, festival, university, or international presenter.

Because the ILV brings together such a diverse mix of vocalists in an intimate singing atmosphere, it offers an unprecedented meeting place for the human voice: master-singers and students from around the world meet, sing together, have meals together, and plan future projects.

Between its founding in 2000 (by Muziektheater Transparant and David Moss) and 2007, the ILV has so far presented 8 sessions in 7 cities. Over 650 participants from 21 countries have sung in 47 workshops. Our 47 master-teachers, representing 15 vocal genres, presented 32 concerts, 8 symposiums, and numerous talks and discussions.

The ILV is a project of Muziektheater Transparant and David Moss.

The 9th edition of ILV takes place in the Centro de Experimentación del Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires, Argentinia. From 24th of March until the 3rd of April 2007. Teachers of this edition are: Paul Dutton, Tran Quang Hai, Joan La Barbara, David Moss, Lia Ferenese, Morton Subotnick and Omar Ebrahim.