the singer and improvised music

Improvisation is the momentary, always evolving result of personal timing and eccentric virtuosity that occurs while using musical instruments, vocal chords, bodies, objects, words.
Surprise, structure, personality, relationships, timing, and energy all play essential roles.
Do singers, instrumentalists, composers, choreographers think about and create improvisation in different ways? Does a singer have a unique universe of musical and theatrical associations (Maria Callas, Billie Holiday, Enrico Caruso, Aretha Franklin, Cathy Berberian, James Brown, Björk, opera, pop concerts, for example) to work with?
How do singing improvisers "get out of their skin” to find something universal? Do musicians think "in words” or stories; do composers who use improvisation think about the personalities of their performers? How is improvising with the voice different from instrumental improvisation? Is it? Is there such a thing as pure improvisation, and can a singer do this?
We've invited some very experienced improvisational singers, Shelley Hirsch, John Griono, David Moss, Jean-Marc Montera, and surprise guests from the art-scene of Marseille to discuss these points and more.


27.06.0620:30Forumthe singer and improvised music