Singing in a sampled world


Forum "Singing in a sampled world":  a MaerzMusik perspective on the "live" voice.

For over 100,000 years the human voice has been one of the prime sources of emotion, communication, information and transcendence.  Put these forms of expression together and it comes out as SINGING:  a form of shared physical activity that is created and transmitted by all of us in caves, clubs, clans, choirs, concerts,  countries and even our cars!
But now technology, politics, communication, and even music, are changing at supersonic speed.  So the question becomes: how will we sing, who will sing, what will we sing, why sing, what will singing feel and sound like in the next 1000 years?

Continuing and broadening the discussion begun at ILV #5 in Amsterdam, Netherlands and at ILV #6 in Melbourne, Australia, our MaerzMusik panel provides a unique new-music perspective to discuss, theorize, fantasize, rant, chant, enchant, imagine, rave and debate about "the voice".  

Participants include: Clemens Risi, Madalena Bernardes, Nicholas Isherwood, Chris Mann, David Moss, Matthias Osterwold, Andrew Watts, and others.


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