Andrew Watts

BACK TO BASICS: Does it really have to be this difficult to sing well?

For years there have been many myths surrounding the question of "How to sing?". Great professors in the art of teaching singing have extolled the virtues of this "special technique" and that "new technique" for the common good of singers who were prepared to listen. Singing now has become overcomplicated and cluttered with long words and the wrong understanding leading to the confusion of the singer. "Back to Basics" has been designed to
dispel the over-complication associated with singing. The workshop will look at the essential ingredients needed to sing in a healthy strong way by combining vocality, physiology and physicality together with musicality and laughter. Each participant will work both individually and collectively within the group to explore the vocal freedom gained when the myth's have been dispelled and we get away from the over-complication of this art form and simply get "Back to Basics". Each participant should provide a song(s) or aria(s) in notated form for use during the workshops and be prepared to perform this at the final session. This 3 day workshop is designed for singers both of a professional standing and for good amateurs.

concert The Extremes of the Male Voice  05.03.07  22:00  -  Haus der Berliner Festspiele


04.03.0514:3017:00BACK TO BASICSAndrew Watts
05.03.0514:3017:00BACK TO BASICSAndrew Watts
06.03.0514:0016:30BACK TO BASICSAndrew Watts

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