Listening to oneself sing

Arto Lindsay

This workshop starts each day with a listening and discussion session. What do singers really think of other singers? Isolating some qualities admired by the group, we will focus on them and try to perform them. A lot of repetition will be required, something like training fundamentals in football (though there is nothing to guarantee that the qualities we will choose will be in any way essential) Lindsay will provide a selection of songs, including some of his own, that will be analysed together. Lindsay will also suggest a few ways to classify lyrics, and more broadly, the relationships between words and music. The selected songs will necessarily be in English or Portuguese, the two languages Arto Lindsay is fluent in. To finish each day we will indulge in some karaoke but with some added degree of difficulty such as: sing a Paul McCartney song the way John Lennon would.

concert Arto Lindsay and Band  11.03.05  22:00  -  Haus der Berliner Festspiele


10.03.0510:3013:00Listening to oneself singArto Lindsay
13.03.0510:3013:00Listening to oneself singArto Lindsay

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