Michiko Hirayama

Numerous composers of different nationalities have dedicated their compositions to the voice of Michiko Hirayama, in most cases using scores written in traditional notation. Not all of the vocal pieces of Giacinto Scelsi, however, can be performed exclusively using traditional scores. The process of elaboration, which Hirayama conducted together with Scelsi was fundamental for achieving the particular vocal effects that characterize his work and for the analysis of various expressive possibilities having their origins not only in experimental and electronic but also in ethnical vocality.

Hirayama will illustrate the techniques regarding the performance of these particular vocal timbres, in relation to the content of  Scelsi's vocal music, to the participants of her workshop.  The workshop is divided into two days focusing on the theoretical and practical contents in order to obtain the particular sonorities.

concert Giacinto Scelsi Canti del Capricorno  08.03.05  20:00  -  Philharmonie/ Kammermusiksaal


09.03.0514:0018:30WorkshopMichiko Hirayama
10.03.0514:0016:30WorkshopMichiko Hirayama

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