Vocal Acting

Madalena Bernardes

Vocal Acting: a technical and aesthetic workshop

- ­Exercises for vocal vitality and vocal dynamics.
- Different kinds of warm ups depending on the repertoire: The personal warm up.
- How to preserve your disposition during long and exhausting seasons or touring.
- Tonal chanting compared to Vanguard chanting: What changes in the acting technique?
- Directing: How to work and develop another person's expressive body? 
- Personal approach for those who want to show their performances.
- Notions of composition: different languages, different attitudes.
- The development of the artist versus the development of the professional: How to integrate and manage them both along the way?

Maximum 40 participants, open to everyone.

concert Aperto, meu ex-passa  11.03.05  20.30  -  Haus der Berliner Festspiele


06.03.0517:0019:30Vocal ActingMadalena Bernardes
07.03.0510:3013:00Vocal ActingMadalena Bernardes
08.03.0510:3013:00Vocal ActingMadalena Bernardes

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