Nicholas Isherwood

Usually improvisers are left to their own devices with only Thelonious Monk's advice "the right note at the right time” as a guide. Many composers, on the other hand, notate every minute detail, giving performers a road map that leaves little or no room for deviation.  On the middle path, we find composers of "guided improvisations”.  They leave a lot of room for improvisation within guidelines.  Sometimes they make rules. Other times, they write melodies, rhythms, dynamics, timbres and harmonies, but let you decide, up to a point, what to do with them.  Some of these pieces can be interpreted by anyone capable of phonating, whereas others require advanced musical training.  They all give the performer a chance to be a partner in the creative process and to have a lot of fun. Bring whatever you want! Participants: anyone who likes to use his/her voice in a creative way

concert The Extremes of the Male Voice  05.03.05  22u00  -  Haus der Berliner Festspiele


04.03.0510:3013:00WorkshopNicholas Isherwood
05.03.0510:3013:00WorkshopNicholas Isherwood

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