Learning about Jeongga, traditional & classical song of Korea

Kang Kwon Soon

Participants will receive an introduction to the singing technique of Jeongga and at the conclusion of the workshop all participants will sing a Jeongga song with Kang Kwon Soon. Ms.Kang will explain the difference between modern musical notation and that of the traditional Korean style and explain how to read it. Participants will also get an idea of Jeongga singing technique. There are two main styles of traditional music in Korea: classical and folk. Jeongga belongs to the classical music category called Jeongak. Jeongak, or 'correct music', refers to the chamber music of the aristocrats and intellectuals.For the nobility, music was a means to cultivate the mind. The words of Jeongga reflect the values held in esteem by the intellectuals and often include their admiration for nature. To appreciate the beauty of Jeongga, we have to focus on the subtle gradations of the sounds created by the harmony of human voice and instruments, and on the sense of composure that the intellectuals tried to attain in their pursuit of a ‘correct" state of mind.

maximum 40 participants

concert 20.10.04  18:00  -  COLLINS ST BAPTIST CHURCH


18.10.0414:3017:00Learning about Jeongga, traditional & classical song of KoreaKang Kwon Soon

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