Mounthpiece 1

Melissa Madden Gray

The voice is the site of great personal and political potential. But who makes the rules of engagement? Often it is only ourselves - our brains and our bodies that inhibit the accessing and expansion of sound into theatre that is entertaining and provoking. Our concept of how we should sound or look or 'fit in' can limit the lives we lead and the work we create - in inspiration and execution. Slip out of the comfort zone and into a quixotic cocktail of Parody and Primal Scream, Mandarin, Yiddish, French, Feedback, Mime, Monitors, Butoh, Ballroom and Badminton, and explore the theatre-creating potential of your voice! With twists of text, a smidgeon of the showtoon, a splash of the avant-garde, and carcasses of cultural clash, we will look at ideals of perfection and politics in the voice, and ways of displacing the 'self' and its preconceptions into 'real' voice performance.

maximum 20 participants

concert Cosmonaut  20 till 23.10.04  14:00  -  THE CUB MALTHOUSE, MERLYN THEATRE


16.10.0414:3017:00Mounthpiece 1Melissa Madden Gray
17.10.0414:3017:00Mounthpiece 1Melissa Madden Gray

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