Emil Jud

Yodelling is a form of singing that involves rapidly switching from the "chest voice” to the head voice making a high-low-high-low sound. It was probably developed in the Swiss Alps as a method of communication between mountain peaks, and it later became a part of the traditional folk music of the region. To yodel, you sing a scale continuously upwards, until your voice “breaks” (switches octaves) into your “head voice”. This point is your “voice break”.

In this workshop participants will first learn the history and the sources of yodelling. They will find that there are various kinds of yodels. Emphasis is placed on the Swiss variety of yodelling. Participants will learn how to sing a so-called Natural Yodel - that is, a yodel without words – together.

maximum 18 participants

concert The Yodel Mass  11.10.04  20:00  -  ST PAUL'S CATHEDRAL

at table  09.10.04  17:15  -  THE FAMOUS SPIEGELTENT


12.10.0410:0012:30WorkshopEmil Jud

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