Harmonic overtone singing

Sarah Hopkins

In this workshop participants discover the hidden power and beauty within their own voice as they tone and sing harmonic overtones. Harmonic Overtone Singing is a magical, otherworldly sound which resonates on a deeply spiritual level, whether one is the listener or the singer. With its roots in Tuva, Mongolia and Tibet, its long oral history embraces both secular and sacred traditions. The technique allows singing in two voices simultaneously. Through singing a steady fundamental note in the low register and then modulating the shape of the mouth cavity one can produce a 'second voice' which consists of high harmonics which are the upper partials of the bass note being sung. Through precise modulation, one can create beautiful and ethereal melodies in a very high register.

maximum 15 participants


14.10.0410:0012:30Harmonic overtone singingSarah Hopkins
15.10.0410:0012:30Harmonic overtone singingSarah Hopkins
16.10.0410:0012:30Harmonic overtone singingSarah Hopkins

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