Cristina Branco

Many people say Cristina Branco is the voice of the new fado. Cristina herself says, " it is not fado, it is not new fado, it is my music based on the fado, it is just Cristina Branco".

In her workshop Cristina will give an introduction to fado corrido and fado menor. By singing with these two important fado styles Cristina will show the development she and her husband, Custódio Castelo, brought to the Portuguese fado. She will also talk about the Portuguese guitar, the important instrument that always accompanies her voice. Custódio Castelo, also a Portuguese guitar player and composer of most of Christina's songs, will show how to handle the strings and how to make artificial nails.

Cristina Branco will be supported by: Custódio Castelo, Portuguese guitar. Alexandre Silva, viola. Fernando Maia, acoustic bass guitar.

max. participants 20

concert  15.08.04  20:00  -  the arts centre, HAMER HALL


13.10.0414:3017:00WorkshopCristina Branco
14.10.0414:3017:00WorkshopCristina Branco

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