Future Voice: Singing in a world full of noise

For 100,000 years singing has been a prime source of emotion, communication, information and transcendance. This shared physical activity was created and transmitted by all of us in our caves, clans, clubs, choirs, concerts, countries, and even our cars. But now technology, politics and culture are changing at supersonic speed. How will we sing, who will sing, what will we sing, why sing, what music will be sung in the next 1000 years? Discussing this, and more, our panel will theorize, fantasize, rant, chant, enchant, imagine, debate, and disagree. So, to start thinking about singing in the 22nd century, join:

DAVID TOOP, moderator and sonic-landscape surveyor
HEINER GOEBBELS, alchemist of voices and theater
NONA HENDRYX, soul diva and researcher in the pleasures of R&B/Funk
GREETJE BIJMA, improvising singer extraordinaire
DAVID MOSS, extreme vocalist
MICHEL WAISVISZ: electronic sound maker
plus 'live' vocal surprises from Amsterdam"s new and exciting “VOCAL LAB”, and strange objects/voices from STEIM (workshops 13/06), the innovative center for unusual technology, and special guests.

Reservation necessary  -  at De Balie


12.06.0413:0017:30Future Voice: Singing in a world full of noise

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