The singer as composer

Han Buhrs & Ronald Klekamp

In their joint workshop, Han Buhrs and Ronald Klekamp focus on the area that fascinates them the most: the twilight zone between text, sound and music. The first part will be a quest for what we sing: someone else's song, a poem, a theatre text, an article. The emphasis is put on the rhythmic and melodic consequences of words and sounds. The second day we focus on how we sing. What does the voice do? What techniques are there? Apart from transferring messages and vocal technique, we also pay attention to design, improvisation and composing on the spot. On the third day we listen to how our voices are mixed when we sing together.

Maximum 10 participants. The workshop is open to singers and others using their voice.

concert  19.06.04  21:00  -  Bimhuis


17.06.0414:3017:00The singer as composerHan Buhrs & Ronald Klekamp
18.06.0414:3017:00The singer as composerHan Buhrs & Ronald Klekamp
19.06.0410:3013:00The singer as composerHan Buhrs & Ronald Klekamp

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