Feldenkrais Warm-up

Catherine Delasalle

Catherine Delasalle offers a warming-up based on the Feldenkrais method. Every morning, you will rediscover the dynamics which support your actions, explore the relation towards the space you are in, communicate between the interior and the exterior. Discovering our habits and creating new options. The emphasis is on pleasure and curiosity and on how our whole self can be available to serve our intention, what we want to express. This workshop is free for participants of other workshops. However, registration is compulsory.

concert  06.06.03  19:30

discussions  06.06.03  22:00


04.06.0309:3010:30Feldenkrais Warm-upCatherine Delasalle
05.06.0309:3010:30Feldenkrais Warm-upCatherine Delasalle
06.06.0309:3010:30Feldenkrais Warm-upCatherine Delasalle
08.06.0313:0014:00Feldenkrais Warm-upCatherine Delasalle
09.06.0309:3010:30Feldenkrais Warm-upCatherine Delasalle
10.06.0309:3010:30Feldenkrais Warm-upCatherine Delasalle
11.06.0309:3010:30Feldenkrais Warm-upCatherine Delasalle

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