Il corpo della voce

Miriam Palma

This workshop explores the internal connection between voice, body and feelings in order to create an expressive unity. Usually, these elements are looked upon in isolation, as if they are entities on their own. In our work together, we point out and develop the special relationship of voice, body and feelings through understanding the necessity of creative impulses for each individual. "The voice of the one that speaks needs to be a reflection of the mentality of the individual. The voice that talks, mutters, laughs, shouts, cries, keeps silent, changes into singing to become only a sound at the end”.

concert  06.06.03  19:30

discussions  06.06.03  22:00


07.06.0314:0017:00Il corpo della voceMiriam Palma
08.06.0314:0017:00Il corpo della voceMiriam Palma
09.06.0314:0017:00Il corpo della voceMiriam Palma

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