Jaap Blonk

A recent development is Blonk's involvement with electronics, in the form of work created by sampling and processing the sounds of his voice. Jaap Blonk keeps on searching the rich common ground between poetry and music. His workshops deal with the development of new sounds and combinations of sounds, without abandoning completely the semantics of language. The workshop mixes music, poetry and performance art all at the same time, with an emphasis on the physicality and "presence” of the participants.

concert  05.06.03  19:30

discussions  05.06.03  22:00


04.06.0310:3013:00WorkshopJaap Blonk
05.06.0310:3013:00WorkshopJaap Blonk
06.06.0310:3013:00WorkshopJaap Blonk

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