Gidon Saks

In this workshop the participants get the opportunity to work on an individual basis with one of the leading singers in the opera world. Gidon Saks will work at the universal 'basics' in singing (respiration, production of sound,) towards a refinement of these basics. Together with
the participants Saks will look for the vocal individuality of each participant. In addition to this the workshop is open to all types of voices and singers.

maximum 24 participants, individual 1h. sessions for each participantconcert  27.11.02  20:00discussion  22.11.02  20:00


20.11.0210:3013:00WorshopGidon Saks
21.11.0210:3013:00WorshopGidon Saks
22.11.0210:3013:00WorshopGidon Saks

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