The singing sensation

David Moss

Singing is the delicate but sharp vocal dance of surprise and desire that can take us out of our bodies. In The Singing Sensation we work on shaping melody, carving a solo, caressing a tone, and ways to excite a texture, taste the next note, and inhabit your voice. Together we build songs, personal rhythms, vocal strength & expand the emotional range. Over 5 days each participant creates their own vocal sound-story, and develops it in solo, duo, trio and ensemble work. On the last day we perform our pieces for each other as 3-dimensional song worlds. The Singing Sensation is an active workshop.

maximum 14 participants

concert  27.11.02  20:00

discussion 22 & 28.11.02  20:00


20.11.0214:0017:00The singing sensationDavid Moss
21.11.0214:0017:00The singing sensationDavid Moss
22.11.0214:0017:00The singing sensationDavid Moss
23.11.0214:0017:00The singing sensationDavid Moss
24.11.0214:0017:00The singing sensationDavid Moss

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