Koichi Makigami

Where did your voice come from? What is your voice? Voice is the outside of your vital organs. Your vocal range creates your social life. The voice holds both power and shame. The human voice is both hesitation and presentation.

Open your voice potential. Each day we work on:

1. Taichi
2. voice warm up
3. imitating noise
4. hearing your own voice
5. controlling overtones
6. solo and group improvisations

round table discussion  20.04.02  20:00

Koichi Makigami's participation is co-sponsored by Fabrica. The Japan Project sponsored by Fabrica (Italy), the Schwaz Festival (Austria), and ILV, offers selected students of Koichi Makigami's workshop the unique chance to receive scholarships to Fabrica (to continue working with him there), and to perform with him at the Schwaz Festival and in Bolzano, Italy in Sept. 2002


19.04.0210:3013:00WorkshopKoichi Makigami
20.04.0210:3013:00WorkshopKoichi Makigami
21.04.0210:3013:00WorkshopKoichi Makigami
22.04.0210:3013:00WorkshopKoichi Makigami
23.04.0210:3013:00WorkshopKoichi Makigami

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