Feral Choir

Phil Minton

This is a workshop and performance, not only for singers but for anyone who takes delight in the freedom to experiment, and an interest in the major artistic movements of the 20th century; the courage to take a vocal leap and enjoy expanding the borders of your own voice will equip you more than any formal training. Phil Minton will spend three days encouraging vocal exploration through exercises and improvisations, and on the final day, he will compose and rehearse with the participants. The Feral Choir Concert will then be presented.

concert presenting workshop results  23.04.02  20:30


21.04.0214:0017:00Feral ChoirPhil Minton
22.04.0214:0017:00Feral ChoirPhil Minton
23.04.0214:0017:00Feral ChoirPhil Minton

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