Breath Show

Omar Ebrahim

The workshop is a chance to meet the silent partner to all vocalising. We take a breath to sing a song, to form an idea, or to surrender to the inexpressible. By addressing the range of possibilities in our own breathing, can we refresh our awareness of space and time, pulse and pitch, and find a way to create our own breath show ...

round table discussion  17.04.02  20:00


14.04.0210:3013:00Breath ShowOmar Ebrahim
15.04.0210:3013:00Breath ShowOmar Ebrahim
16.04.0210:3013:00Breath ShowOmar Ebrahim
17.04.0210:3013:00Breath ShowOmar Ebrahim
18.04.0210:3013:00Breath ShowOmar Ebrahim

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