Workshop for performers who love to sing

David Moss

What do you sing when you sing what you love? Are you interested in that "moment of transcendence” when personal style blossoms into a new field of choices? Are you always singing the same solo, using the same voice? Are you looking for that special song you never sang before? Through work on the "moment of solo, the pleasures of surprise, the importance of gesture, the power of memory, and the joys of a split-personality, this workshop highlights and transcends (for at least 1 minute!) personal clichés. Open to singers/performers in all media (dance, theater, music, etc). Performance experience is necessary (not for beginners)!

maximum 12 participants

concert Einstein for Aliens  13.04.02  20:30

round table discussions  17 & 20.04.02  20:00


15.04.0214:0017:00Workshop for performers who love to singDavid Moss

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