Madalena Bernardes


Madalena Bernardes is an "artist of the voice". Her work deals with concepts of space and time but the result is not only musical. It is inserted equally in the context of theatre and music of the avant-garde. She completed her musical studies with lessons of lyric, popular and contemporary song and piano. She integrated music with studies of theatre, dance, eurhythmy, language organization, phono audiology and artistic therapy. She has worked as a teacher, director, producer, interpreter and composer. Throughout her 15 years as the soloist singer of the opera company of Carlos Santos, she also performed her own compositions at festivals and museums of avant-garde art in Europe and Brazil. Max. 40 people, open to everyone.


Vocal Acting: a technical and aesthetic workshop Exercises for vocal vitality and vocal dynamics. Different kinds of warm ups depending on the repertoire: The personal warm up. How to preserve your disposition during long and exhausting seasons or touring. Tonal chanting compared to Vanguard chanting: What changes in the acting technique? Directing: How to work and develop another person's expressive body? Personal approach for those who want to show their performances. Notions of composition: different languages, different attitudes. The development of the artist versus the development of the professional: How to integrate and manage them both along the way?


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