Tulipa Ruiz


Tulipa Ruiz was born in Santos in 1978, was raised in São Lourenço and start to sing as a pro in São Paulo. Daughter of Luiz Chagas, from Itamar Assumpção’s Banda Isca de Polícia,  and sister of Gustavo Ruiz, musician (nowadays touring with Vanessa da Matta), producer and composer (songs, themes and soundtracks too), she is considered a great singer although doesn’t have any formal training. Due to a wide vocal range, or even with it, Tulipa developed a sophisticated way of singing, mixing bel canto with pop, without maneirisms, poseur, contemporary. Efêmera, her first CD, colleted excelent reviews, so do her concerts. Best disc of the year and best song (and 10th  too!) in local Rolling Stone Magazine. Among other prizes, her song Efêmera is included in the 2011 versions of  the most popular videogames in the world, american EA Sports’ “Fifa Socer” and japanese Konami’s “Pro Evolution Soccer”.


VOCAL ENCOUTERS Meeting of people interested on exploring the voice, aiming to exchange experiences and to jointly create. The workshop is based on Brazilian melodies and encourages the development of original ideas by using minimun theory and maximum practical examples. Target Audience: People interested in Brazilian music or the exploration of the voice, without practical experience or theoretical.


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