Marlui Miranda


Marlui MIRANDA is an accomplished and internationally acknowledged musician with a large curriculum of research on the music of the Indians of Northern Brazil.
A member of Pau Brasil Group since 1996, she has both appeared with and had her compositions recorded by Gilberto Gil, Nana Vasconcellos, Sá e Guarabyra, Ney Matogrosso, and Jack De Johnette,  Caito Marcondes and other artists.
She has also worked as an advisor for Indian music in related projects like Hector Babenco's film “At Play in the Fields of The Lord”.
Miranda moved to Rio de Janeiro in 1971, where she studied classical guitar with Turíbio Santos and other renowned interpreters. After some years, she became an accompanist to the likes of Milton Nascimento and Egberto Gismonti, who produced her first LP (Olho d'Água, 1979). Since 1978, she developed her researches in Amazon indigenous music, and these studies in ethnomusical areas have been a vital part of her work. She produced the album Paiter Merewa with songs by the Suruí People from Rondônia, Ponte entre Povos, with songs by the Wayana, Apalai, Katxuyana,Tiriyo and Palikur peoples of Amapa State; and Utapinopona Basamori, by theTuyuka People of Amazonas State. She was the recipient of several grants, including one by the Guggenheim Foundation and another from the Rockefeller Foundation. After her recording of IHU - Todos Os Sons (1995) was released in the U.S., Austria, Switzerland, and Germany (receiving the German Phono Academy Award in 1996), she received the prestigious Brazillian Cultural Merit Medal (Ministry of Culture, 2002) and the Chico Mendes Award (Ministry of Environment, 2005). She recorded, among various other titles, Kewere, Rezar (Pau Brasil, 1997), IHU, All of the Sounds(Pau Brasil, 1995), Yuxin (SESC,2009).


IHU, All of the Sounds
IHU is a word in Kamayurá language that represents the vocal paths to approach the indigenous universe of sound. The workshop IHU (pronounce like “e-who”) will recall sounds and songs of Brazilian Indigenous musical repertoire. The songs will range from ritual to vocal greetings.

Maximum amount of participants: 24

Target group

People with good disposition to sing and dance, people who are interested on aspects of indigenous culture of Brazil.


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