Public interview with invited artists

8.10.10: Moss & Wishart / 11.10.10: Moss, Hannigan & Zavagna

Have you ever wondered what goes on in the minds of your favourite singers while they are singing? Asked yourself what it is like to perform a solo vocal concert? Wanted to know how it feels to sing a specific song or a sound or text? Why sing? How do professional singers find their personal styles? What is the connection between words and performance? How do emotion, passion and intellect fit together in the human voice?  Vox Talks can answer these questions and many more, as wildly different and wonderful singers meet with you in an intimate atmosphere and talk about their voices.

Vox Talks #1:  Trevor  Wishart & David Moss
Trevor Wishart is a pioneer of extended vocal techniques, voice and electronics, and solo vocal performance.  David and Trevor will discuss these 3 areas and imagine their future, along with the audience.

Vox Talks #2:  Barbara Hannigan, Paolo Zavagna, and David Moss
The voice in contemporary music, the voice as an instrument, the voice as source and trigger for electronics…..
Barbara and David talk with Paolo Zavagna, a teacher, performer and expert in live/computer interactions and director of the Laptop Ensemble (“The laptop ensemble, working live, performs noise pollution and interferences which are now invading the urban soundscape and with its sound manipulation/generation it integrates/disintegrates voice/s”) .
The first Vox Talks on the 8th of October 2010 invites David Moss & Trevor Wishart
The second Vox Talks on the 11th of October 2010 invites David Moss, Barbara Hannigan &  Paolo Zavagna


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11.10.1020:3021:30VOX TALKS Public interview with invited artists