David Moss & Trevor Wishart


The world is full of information, mumbling, codes, languages, noise and knowledge, with people and black boxes connecting or mixing them all.  But is there an UR-knowledge, a proto-language? 

Somewhere in our data-streamed meta-morphing in/out world, there must be a rhythm that drives the human genetic package.  Is it a pulse, a beat, a chant buried somewhere in the depths of our memories, neuron chains and chemical hieroglyphics? Does it give a hint of itself through the sounds and singing of the human voice?  Could be – because we have always experienced moments of species transcendence which, when we are least aware of it, are expressed through our voices.  

In HYPERGLYPHYX  David Moss explores these moments of FTL (faster than logic) communication through new songs, scrambled texts, tangled stories and odd electronics and objects.

Sometimes what is being communicated can’t be expressed in any grammar or speech system, only in music and song — modified, mediated and manipulated by technology’s babbling boxes — and the muscles, blood, and air that fuel the voice.

GLOBALALIA (Trevor Wishart)
The universal dance of human speech as revealed in twenty tales from everywhere, spoken in tongues.

In memorian, Scheherezade, died in suspicious circumstances, Abu Ghraib, 2004.

Globalalia was commissioned by Folkmar Hein, for his 60th birthday, and premiered at Inventionen 2004, Berlin. The piece was composed using the Composers Desktop Project software between June 2003 and June 2004, in York and in Berlin, where the composer was Edgard Varese Visiting Professor of Music at the Technical University, a residency supported by the DAAD.

Special thanks are due to Natasha Barrett, Andrew Bentley, Warren Burt, Jane Kasam, Patrick Kosk and Kouhei who all responded to my request to collect speaking voices from the airwaves. As a result, 26 different human languages are represented in this piece. All the sounds used are syllables edited from human speech and selected from an initial database of over 8300 examples. Initial research for this piece was made possible through an AHRB Creative Arts Fellowship.

VOCALISE(Trevor Wishart)
An exploration of the possibilities of human vocal expression. Apart from amplification , no electronics is involved.


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