E-XXI is a newly formed student ensemble of WHAM (Contemporary and Contemporary Music Working Group of the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp). They are coached by composers such as Wim Henderickx, Luc and Luc Van Hove Brewaeys and conductors as Koen Kessels and Filip Rathe. This year they choosed for an intense journey around the music of French composer Jérôme Combier. He introduces them into his own music and assists them in carrying out its work.

Combier is also associated with the Ensemble Cairn which is host that same evening for the first time in our country with several creations of other French composers.
E-XXI also focuses on recent works of their mentor Brewaeys and a reference work by Gyorgy Kurtag. A unique opportunity to see the birth of a new ensemble in the second edition of Ars Musica in Antwerp.