Concert / Song of my Soul

Ida Kelarova

SONG OF MY SOUL ( concert demonstration)

voice IDA KELAROVA / voice and guitar DESIDERIUS DUŽDA
voice and piano TOMAS KAČO
“...singing is a form of expressing your soul ....singing is a gift from God ...singing has a spiritual value and purpose in that it provides an expression and experience of our whole, complete Self .....tears and singing ....all emotions have spiritual value and have a potentionaly positive spiritual purpose ...”

Ida’s main belief is that everyone can sing. She has realized during her 30 years of intensive international work with voice, that what she sees is more and more people have stopped singing and so they begin to believe that they actually cannot sing.

Ida´s talents were discovered at the age of five by her father Koloman Bitto, a renowned Roma musician. Her father was her biggest teacher. He taught Ida the depth of love for music, and also the language of music. He also taught her about the emotional wisdom lying in the depths of the voice and that music is the strongest universal means of communication that exists on this planet. He always said that if she learnt this universal language, everyone would understand her wherever she would be ...Ida brings out her profound talents both as a performer and voice teacher.

“The tunes and rhythm in the songs are just a path to keep us from straying. We may walk quicker or slower or stay a while to lie in the grass tune with our own mood.”


11.03.1022:0023:00Concert / Song of my SoulIda Kelarova