Wibert Aerts

B.A. Zimmermann: Sonata for violon (1951) F. D’Haene: ‘Zen et révolte (realized with the support of Jean-Luc Peers)**
K. Essl: ‘Sequitur III’ for violin and live electronics (2008) K.Y. Chong for violin and tape (commissioned by deSingel)**
L. Berio: ‘Sequenza VIII’ for violin solo (1976)
Many people believe that Bernd Alois Zimmerman’s violin sonata is a tribute to Bach’s solo works for the violin. Like the great master, Zimmerman tests the limits of the instrument, and allows expression and technique to fuse to create a perfect symbiosis which is the perfect foundation for an hour of contemporary violin music. This is immediately followed by a new piece by Frederic D’Haene. We are also in familiar territory with Austrian Karlheinz Essl and Malaysian Kee Yong Chong. This will be the first concert performance of a composition for violin and tape by Kee Yong Chong. Concluding the concert is one of the most important scores for solo violin of the last century, Sequenza VIII, by Luciano Berio. Alluding to Bach, one could call this the Chaconne of the twentieth century.

** World première

Wibert Aerts, violonist
Playing a solo recital is a great experience, particularly with the two world’s first performances on the programme by composers with whom I have had close ties for many years - Kee Yong Chong and Frederic D’Haene. The other works are by B.A. Zimmermann, K. Essl, and L. Berio. The programme is very challenging due to the diverse styles and technical requirements of each work. This is a tribute to the violin in all its facets, a contemporary vision of playing the violin, and a hidden tribute to that other great master, J.S. Bach.


13.03.1018:0019:00ConcertWibert Aerts