Arditti Quartet

Do you know of a string quartet of world class that is more familiar with contemporary music than the Arditti? Probably not. That's why you've come across the Ardittis for more than twenty years with great regularity, whether it be on the deSingel podium or in each year's Ars Musica festival.

For this concert we asked Irvine Arditti to kick off with Ikhoor by the Greek composer Yannis Xenakis, a grating and intuitively written string trio. It is quite simply a cornerstone of contemporary chamber music. According to Arditti, the Brazilian composer Felipe Lara is one of the best young composers of the moment. He mixes different musical languages into his own radically new syntax. The same applies to his recent Second String Quartet, which can be played with or without electronics. After the success of the first performance of the first quartet by the French spectralist Hugues Dufourt at the Musica festival in Strasbourg, Arditti were immediately prepared to give the first performance of another work of his. To end, the last quartet by the man who almost single-handedly set British music on the road to the avant-garde.


13.03.1020:0021:00ConcertArditti Quartet