Century Songs

Presentation Moment II

Century Songs project: phase 3

In 2009 the Institute for Living Voice (ILV) and Muziektheater Transparant initiated the Century Songs project, a voice/performance laboratory to be developed over several ILV sessions.

Century Songs offers up-and-coming vocalists the chance to work together and with composer Joachim Brackx, director Wouter Van Looy and vocalist David Moss for an extended period of time.  The goal is twofold:  to develop a new forum for voice theater and to create an evening-long performance piece that highlights unexpected dimensions in human singing.

Century Songs began as part of the Rotterdam Operadagen, supported & hosted by Lantaren/Venster in June 2009. Through six days of workshop–auditions the ILV team met, worked with, and was inspired by 40 participating vocalists/performers from nine countries.
Eight performers (five women and three men) representing six distinct vocal genres were then chosen to continue to phase 2: the creation of a vibrant vocal ensemble and the 2010 premiere of an evening-long theatrical event.

Phase 2 of the Century Songs brought a first presentation moment of the project.  
Phase 3 will bring a second presentation moment of Century Songs at deSingel, Antwerp, the 13th of March 2010, 20h. The project gives 6-8 up-and-coming vocalists the chance to work with composer Joachim Brackx, David Moss & Wouter Van Looy. The goal: to create an evening-long performance piece that highlights unexpected dimensions and emotions in human singing.

Phase 4, will return us to Operadagen, Rotterdam, in 2010 for final rehearsals and the premiere performances of the Century Songs project.

The Century Songs  vocalists are: Aleksandra Popovska, Céline Hänni, Clarissa Worsdale, Dean A. Jake Bowen, M.I. Ramos, Elaine Mitchener, Jean Fürst, Tiyying Liu


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