Choir project led by Eric Thielemans

Starting from his experience as a tutor of master classes and workshops on improvisational music, on authenticity while playing music and on stage presence, Eric Thielemans has constructed a choir, together with musicians and performers from Antwerp and it’s surroundings. It’s a kind of a people’s choir, which starts from a pluralistic and versatile way from the basic assumption: “The instrument, is yourself”. The use of voice and body as a primary musical instrument that is an extension of the body. The body of a group (the choir) is being examined and placed opposed to the body of the individual.

This project is directed towards performers/ musicians/singers with diverse backgrounds and ages, with a healthy sense for adventure, who wants to learn more about singing together, experimenting with the voice and searching for new forms of expression and energies, during improvisations.

Outside weekly rehearsals (starting September 2009), guided by Eric Thielemans, there are also (international) guest tutors who work with the group on specific theme’s (voice, body, old music,…).

Simultaneously ILV presents the premiere of Insect, the 12th of March 2010, 22h, deSingel, Antwerp.

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07.03.1013:3014:30InsectChoir project led by Eric Thielemans
13.03.1022:0023:00InsectChoir project led by Eric Thielemans