An Index of Memories

She and He, each with their memories in two different worlds. Do they get along with one another?
She lives through intensely emotional Sapphic poetry, recalls memories, talks about desire. He is at a turning point. His words are no more than scraps of memories threaded together, he rewrites the past. Her language tells stories, like the memory of classical Western civilisation. His language falters, it is the language of the memory of modern times.
An Index of Memories is a scenic concert about memory and its emotions. It is all based on the writings left us by the classical Greek poetess Sappho. Love, erotic desire and the hope it expresses are emotional memories from every era.
Annelies Van Parys has already set several of Sappho’s poems to music. They form the starting point for a full-length composition in which past and present meet and complement each other. Caroline Petrick brings an extraordinary tension to the concept of the ‘scenic concert’. Between stage and concert, space and the absence of space, between index and memory, she seeks out a way that music can be conceived.

Composition ANNELIES VAN PARYS / text SAPPHO & ANNELIES VAN PARYS / direction CAROLINE PETRICK / musical direction MARIT STRINDLUND / musical performance SPECTRA ENSEMBLE / singers VOCAALLAB NEDERLAND: Els Mondelaers (mezzo), Arnout Lems (bariton), Camille Hesketh (soprano), Maria de los Angeles Marques Fernandez (soprano), Fanny Alofs (mezzo/alt).

Production by Muziektheater Transparant in coproduction with deSingel, Spectra Ensemble and VocaalLAB Nederland.


12.03.1020:0021:00ConcertAn Index of Memories