Requiem for a dying planet / Mola Sylla & Ernst Reijseger

"Requiem for a Dying Planet is not the anticipated death song for the earth, this music is dedicated to this wonderful planet and the beauty of living." Stefan Winter

Music is always a central component in the films and documentaries of Werner Herzog. In the Winter & Winter studios in Munich, Herzog became fascinated with music by the cellist Ernst Reijseger. Shortly afterwards, the soundtracks for the films 'The Wild Blue Yonder' and 'The White Diamond' appeared. The first is a fiction film about an imaginary planet. The second is a documentary about a flight engineer in Guyana. A hypnotic and therapeutic trancelike feeling of dancing dervishes detached from time and space is the result of a perfect symbiosis between director, musicians and film images, conveyed by an unexpectedly virtuoso synergy between jazz and world music.

The project is not only reliant upon the strength, agility and intelligence of a highly accomplished director and a consummate composer, however. There are also first-rate solo performances from Mola Sylla and a heavenly polyphonic choir from Sardinia. In short, a film concert with subtle and unique harmonies, twists and turns and 'plots' which descend upon you with a bearable lightness.


11.03.1020:0021:00ConcertRequiem for a dying planet / Mola Sylla & Ernst Reijseger