Ensemble Cairn / Guillaume Bourgogne

Listening in a concert hall and reading in space at the same time, together with the Cairn Ensemble in this spatial concert. Not only will you hear a number of new compositions, you will also be able to simultaneously read projected text by the French author Georges Perec on the walls of the concert hall. Our Blue Hall and the Bouffes du Nord in Paris are the first to undergo this experiment.

The pieces have everything to do with the spatialisation of sound. In Fabien Levy's 'Cantenac' four musicians are literally spread out around the hall. Inspired by such spectralists as Gérard Grisey and Michel Levinas, Thierry Blondeau incorporates the ideas of displacement and pathways in his work. In 'Stratigraphy', which has its world première in this concert, Oliver Schneller plays layers of sound in combination with different instrumental registers. We hear nature's open space in two pieces by Tristan Murail from his 'Portulan' cycle. The IRCAM in Paris commissioned Francesco Filidei to compose a new creation for large ensemble. An electro-acoustic creation tailored to our Blue Hall and its balconies round the programme off nicely.


10.03.1020:0021:00ConcertEnsemble Cairn / Guillaume Bourgogne