Mola Sylla

Limitless, that is the best way to describe singer and instrumentalist Mola Sylla. He is many ways a musical explorer. From North to South people can identify with his music. Sometimes alone, but much more frequently with leading colleagues from all musical corners. Musicians who do not hesitate to beaten paths to depart and dare to improvise.

Mola Sylla was born and raised in Dakar, Senegal. He grew up in the tradition of the griots. Griots play conveying stories - sometimes decorated with music, theater and dance - an important role in the culture in West Africa. For his songs - mostly in Wolof, he draws from this rich African narrative tradition.

His first band Senemali brought him the late 80's to Europe. Since then, Amsterdam is the base for his musical quest. A journey that leads us to many genres and styles, but always with a recognizable own sound. His musical improvisation ability makes him a popular musician in different formations.

Mola Sylla is primarily a composer and vocalist. His rhythm and melodic compositions differ from the western agreed schedules and provide surprising twists. As  a "voice artist", he moves people. But he is also on the instrumental level in many markets at multitalented. With his - sometimes hand-made - traditional instruments he creates a unique sound. Everything he touches turns into music!

In the workshop you will experience what it is to sing together on a West-African (Senegalese) base.

This workshop is open to all, from youngsters till seniors, who are interested to learn improvising with your voice  from out your heart. With an African touch.

Maximum participants: 10
Price: 120 euro

If you attend a second workshop you get a 10% reduction on the total amount, a third workshop gives a 15% reduction on the total amount.


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