Michael Lentz

Michael Lentz was born on 15 May 1964 in Düren (Germany). He studied German literature, history, and philosophy, first in Aachen and later in Munich. He lives in Berlin. In 1998, he completed a dissertation on post-war sound poetry and music.

Michael Lentz is an author, musician (voice, saxophone) and performer of experimental texts and sound poetry. He was a student of Josef Anton Riedl and has been a member of his ensemble since 1989. In addition to numerous books and publications in anthologies, journals, catalogues, his writings and performances have also been featured on the Internet, on CD and in radio and television, where he has often performed live with his vocal performances and compositions for various ensembles.

With his lectures, Text-Sound-Compositions and sound poetry he has toured through cities around the world including Berlin, Bern, Bologna, Chicago, Copenhagen, Kwangju, Los Angeles, Lucerne, Munich, Seoul, Vienna, Zurich.

He is co-founder of the band “Sprechakte x-treme” and President of the Freie Akademie der Künste zu Leipzig.

In the framework of sound poetry and noise music, with experimental films or live vocal performance, Michael Lentz has performed with the likes of Zoro Babel, Isabeella Beumer, Jaap Blonk, Anna Clementi, Paul Dutton, Giovanni Fontana, Eugen Gomringer, Michael Hirsch, Franz Mon, Oskar Pastior, Josef Anton Riedl, Valeri Scherstjanoi, Dieter Schnebel, Amanda Stewart. Since January 1996, he has been the curator of the exciting SOUNDBOX series, Acoustic art in Salzburg, Munich and Berlin.



In the centre of the workshop will be the voice. We will try different modes of using the voice: based on text, freely improvising, with and without electronical modification. Monologues and pieces for several voices performing live will be as interesting as text-sound-compositions which are prerecorded. If time allows, we will realise a short piece which will be performed.

Maximum participants: 12

Price: 90 euro

If you attend a second workshop you get a 10% reduction on the total amount, a third workshop gives a 15% reduction on the total amount.


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