Xiao He

The colorful singer-guitarist Xiao He is best known for his band Glorious Pharmacy products, a "Dada-esque performance art-rock troupe", which only performs twice a year but then, there is also a show with puppets, masks and minutes long saxophone solos. In Vooruit, Xiao He plays solo however his voice and guitar skills will accompany the sounds a lot. He brings both improvisations and music from his album "Birds Do That Can Fly High on the Backs of Oxen Country That Can not Run Fast". The Beijing Timeout Magazine called him one of Beijing's coolest rock stars: "Though he takes the arti ness to extreme lengths, there's incredible musicianship involved, and his voice has a soaring clarity. A sign of his brilliance is that he's every bit as captivating when he is on his own with just an acoustic guitar. "


03.12.0920:00ConcertXiao He

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