Gong Linna

Gong Linna was born in Guiyang, Guizhou province, located in the Southwest of China. Besides her work on new creations with her unique mix of traditional singing techniques and modern sounds, Gong Linna spends a lot of time investigating Chinese classical music and folk songs. Gong Linna is considered a pioneer in transferring the lightness of traditional Chinese melodies and the Qi (energy/breath) of centuries old Qin-compositions into new songs in a contemporary production. Over the years she became recognized as an exceptional vocal artist who recorded many award winning records and shifts the boundaries from traditional Chinese music by creating personal new arts music.

The workshop will focus on the Chinese traditional singing techniques, specifically on the different chest-voice and head-voice transitions. The participants will discover and learn how to express the beauty of the Yun and the tempo in the huge range of Chinese melodies.

Maximum participants: 15


28.11.0910:3013:00WorkshopGong Linna
29.11.0910:3013:00WorkshopGong Linna