He Jinhua

He Jinhua is a Naxi born in Taochenxiang, Yulongxian, in Yunnan Province. Singing and playing the mouth harp are her passions. Since the traditional music in her region is not often sung anymore by young people who tend to relate more to pop music, He Jinhua had to learn all her songs from the older generations. Her repertoire contains rice-planting-songs, wedding songs (which a mother sings to her daughter on her wedding day), cow hat-songs and laments for funerals. As is characteristic for He Jinhua, she usually sings unaccompanied. "With more than one voice you cannot sing perfectly together" she says. To sing together she therefore uses different techniques like for the dialogue songs using one fixed melody. The wedding songs can instead be sung using different melodies, each verse having its own melody.

The workshop with He Jinhua will be an intense meeting with this artist in which she demonstrates and explains her singing and mouth harp skills and techniques. Participants of this workshop will benefit from hearing of her unique heritage and the way she learned her songs simply from imitation.

Maximum participants: 15


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